Seafarers' Salary Loan

Seafarers Salary Loan

Sail away with no worries! With the Seafarers’ Salary Loan, you can ensure that your family is well provided for while you are at sea. Fast and easy application!


For accredited agencies

  • Loan amount of P20,000 to P250,000

  • A minimum interest rate of 1.5% up to 1.75% per month or as approved financial package (add-on rate)

  • Mode of payment via self-allotment with BMI or salary deduction arrangement with shipping company

    *Special rates may apply with some shipping agencies but subject for approval.


For non-accredited agencies

  • Loan amount of P20,000 to P150,000

  • Interest rate of 2.0% per month*

  • Mode of payment via post-dated check

    *Co-borrower is required.

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